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Are you searching for the essence of connected car experience on your smartphone? The HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapter makes this possible without physical connections or wires, streamlining your ride so you can enjoy wireless calling, messaging, music playback and navigation through Android Auto/Apple CarPlay as well as Siri/Google Voice Assistant control allowing for accessing phone without physical connections being required.

HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapter – Convert Wired to Wireless

The HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapter transforms any wired CarPlay connection in your vehicle into wireless, creating greater convenience. Imagine simply plugging this adapter and streaming effortlessly no matter which car it is attached to! Additionally, this solution provides great support for older models purchased before wireless CarPlay existed – ideal for retrofitting older vehicles with modern functionality!


This adapter is compatible with most cars manufactured since 2016 that feature CarPlay connectivity, such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Buick, Cadillac Chevrolet Toyota Ford Honda Hyundai Nissan Volkswagen Volvo Subaru Mazda Jeep etc.

HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapter Features An Easy Setup Process

The HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapter is very straightforward and straightforward to set up. Simply plug the box directly into a hardware USB A socket of CarPlay with its USB A end plugged into it, wait for an icon on the car’s screen to light up, search Bluetooth on your phone for “AiBOX”, choose it, and start pairing with AiBox. If any issues arise, reboot it by unplugging and replugging. For an organized setup experience, this package also comes equipped with a USB A to USB C cable and adapter as well as a User Manual to complete its functionality. As with other HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapters, key highlights of HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapter Key Features can be seen below:

  • CarPlay and Android Auto allow for wireless calling, messaging, music playback and navigation capabilities.
  • Siri & Google Voice Assistant Control allow access to your phone without physical connections and faster data transfer speeds are ensured with Qualcomm chip technology for enhanced connection and data transfer speeds.
  • Screen mirroring to display HD videos, apps, photos and web pages from your phone onto the car’s screen.
  • An external TF card slot supports up to 128GB memory capacity.
  • A multimedia box equipped with pre-installed streaming applications from Google Play as well as car original control can further increase entertainment while driving.
  • Compatible with cars equipped with Factory Wired CarPlay from 2016 or later.
  • Easy setup and smooth operation ensure an optimal experience. [Pinpointing a solution is key in this regard].

The HESHS 2023 Wireless Car Adapter is an ideal way to simplify your trips and experience wireless car travel without wires and physical connections! Packed with impressive features that support multiple cars and setup easily for less price, it makes this CarAdapter an outstanding bargain! With the HESHS 2023 Wireless CarAdapter, you can now access Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly with improved connection speeds, faster data transfers, plenty of preinstalled applications, and an excellent user experience.


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