VRURC Portable Charger 10000mAh, Slim LED Display Power Bank, 5 Output 2 Input Cell Phone Battery Pack, Built-in Micro & USB C Cables Phone Charger Compatible with iPhone,Samsung,Android etc-Pink Review

Are you searching for an efficient power bank to keep your mobile devices charged without worry of running out of battery power? Look no further. The Rechargeable Power Bank Ultrathin 10000mAh offers the perfect solution, offering ultra-thin and lightweight portable charging for phones, tablets and laptop computers alike.


This power bank was carefully constructed with high-tech materials and components to deliver exceptional performance no matter your situation. Here are just a few features that make the Rechargeable Power Bank Ultrathin 10000mAh the perfect solution:

Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

The Rechargeable Power Bank Ultrathin 10000mAh features five output ports – built-in 3 cables, USB A, and USB C ports – that can charge multiple devices simultaneously with maximum output of 5V/2.4A per port – ideal for busy families that want to remain connected and hassle free! This makes this powerbank an invaluable addition for their day-to-day needs!

Easy to Carry

This power bank measures just 5.7×2.57×0.72in and weighs 9.17 Oz, making it easily portable and pocketable. Furthermore, the durable lanyard allows users to use it as an instant charging cable after unpacking it from its packaging – perfect for travelling and carrying.

Intelligent LED Display

The Rechargeable Power Bank Ultrathin 10000mAh comes equipped with an intuitive LED display, making it easier to check remaining power levels and manage battery life more effectively. This enables your devices to stay online longer while helping extend battery life.

Safe Charging

Each power bank comes equipped with an intelligent power management system designed to prevent overcharging, over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuiting – guaranteeing safe charging without risk to your devices in the process. This ensures they remain securely charged without incurring damage in the process.


The Rechargeable Power Bank Ultrathin 10000mAh from is an ideal solution for anyone in search of an efficient and lightweight way to power their electronic devices. Packed with features designed specifically with busy families and frequent travelers in mind, as well as emergency battery packs on hand in an emergency situation, its small size and lightweight design makes this product sure to appeal to those always on the move.


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