USB-C Car Charger, 3.4A USB Type C Car Charger Adapter & Fast Charge Cable Cords Cargador Carro Lighter for Samsung Galaxy S23 S22 S21 S20 S10 S9 S8 Note 20 9 8, LG V60 V50 G8 G7 Android Cigarette 12V Review

Are You Searching For an Easy and Powerful Car Charger for Android with 3.3ft Galaxy C Cords Looking for a convenient yet powerful car charger? Look no further. The AILKIN Quick Android Car Charger may just be what you’ve been searching for with its fast 3.4A charging output and type C cable! Take a closer look at everything it has to offer here!

Perfect Performance

The AILKIN Quick Android Car Charger was specifically created to charge devices quickly and efficiently, offering one port with a maximum output current of 3.4A for fast charging of devices. You’ll save half the time it typically takes you when charging with this charger!

Car chargers with type C charging cables have been specifically tailored to match with devices of all types, ensuring more uniform charging of devices. Their low profile designs make them even more portable; in the dark, their soft LED light serves as an indication for finding connections more quickly.

Multiple Compatibility

The AILKIN Quick Android Car Charger supports a range of devices. This includes Samsung Galaxy S-series, Note-series, A-series, Flip3 5G Tab S8, Moto G8 Plus Power, Z4, G7 Play/Power G6, X4, Z4, Z3 Play E and Z2 Force Z2 Play Z; LG V60 V50 V40 V35 V30 G7 Thinq Stylo 6 5 4 Google Pixel 7 Pro 7 Pro, 7 Pro 6Pro 6a 6a 6a 6Pro 6a 6a 5a 5a 4a 4a 4a 4a, 4a 4a 4a 4xl 4a 4a 3aXL4a and more. Our Quick Android Car Charger meets specifications to meet or exceed these devices! Specifically


This Quick Android Car Charger from Ailkin features the following specifications: It takes in DC 12/24V input voltage for input while outputting DC 5V/3.4A with black color finishing and Black for color output and DC 12V/24V/34A output current. Input current must not exceed 24V for proper functioning; Output current should not exceed 5V/3.4A at output; Color finish available only Black

The AILKIN Quick Android Car Charger package contains a 3.4A Quick Phone car charger equipped with type C USB cable.


The AILKIN Quick Android Car Charger provides an efficient and hassle-free method of charging your device quickly. Boasting lightning-fast output with its type C cable charging cable, this car charger makes charging quick and effortless. Plus its sleek design will add style to your interior. Furthermore, its wide compatibility ensures it works for multiple devices – perfect if you’re searching for reliable charging solution!


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