USB C Cable, 5pack-6ft Type C Cable Fast Charging Phone Charger Braided Android Cord for Samsung Galaxy S23+ S23 S22 Ultra/S21/S22+/S10e/note 20/s10/s9/A02s/A03s, Google Pixel 7 Pro/6/6a/5 USBC Wire Review

No matter if you already own or are considering switching over to Android devices, having the best charging cable available is always essential. AILKIN USB C Chargers lead the pack in innovation with faster charging speeds, increased durability and maximum convenience – now is the time to examine this great product in more detail and discover why every Android user should own one of them!

Fast Charging Speeds

The AILKIN USB C chargers deliver fast charges of up to 3A with data transfer speeds reaching up to 480Mbps compared to original USB 2.0&3.0 type C cables. They’re an ideal solution for users on the move who require quick battery replenishment; fast charging speeds add around three extra hours of life per charge!


The tightly woven cord cover is flexible yet comfortable to handle, made of braided nylon material to provide durability and prevent cracking. At the point of connection with hard plastic connectors and tiny caps that protect them when not in use.


With its 6ft length and five pack design, this cable easily reaches the back seat in your car or charges from far away on your bed or sofa. Furthermore, multiple cables come in handy wherever they may be used: at home, work, on the go or even when traveling abroad – multiple cables offer great peace of mind!

Wide Compatibility

AILKIN USB C Chargers offer wide compatibility across a wide array of devices from Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola, Nokia Sony Asus OnePlus. Therefore no matter your device of choice is, these cables can help charge it.

Color Variety

Cables from Monster come in various colors: White, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple for maximum customization or personal flair. Users looking for personalized accessories will appreciate having such colorful options at their fingertips.


AILKIN USB C Chargers provide Android users with fast charging speeds, incredible durability, and maximum convenience. Available in various colors to meet your personal preferences and compatible with multiple devices (even those not listed), one of these cables should fit the bill for quick and efficient charging solutions.


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