[Upgraded] Bluetooth 5.0 Remote Shutter for iPhone & Android Camera Wireless Remote Control Selfie Button for iPad iPod Tablet, HD Selfie Clicker for Photos & Videos (Black) Review

Are you bored with resorting to group selfies for amazing shots, only for any movement to blur them? Unfortunately, no matter how steady your hand may be, it still may not produce photos with maximum impact – which is where AB Shutter 3 Wireless Remote Control comes into its own with its Bluetooth-enabled, simple-to-use remote.

Features of AB Shutter 3 Wireless Remote Control


The design of this shutter is one of its best features; its compact size makes it simple to use and store. Furthermore, this battery-operated device doesn’t need access to electricity – simply carry it with you without worrying about powering sources! Plus it takes up no extra room if traveling light!


The AB Shutter 3 is extremely user-friendly, making it the ideal solution for those of us who may not consider ourselves tech savvy. Simply turn on the shutter and use Bluetooth settings on your phone; for Android devices use Camera360 App instead to properly operate it.


No matter if it’s taking your picture of yourself, capturing an intimate moment, or recording video feet; the AB Shutter 3 not only has powerful capabilities, but its no-lag performance means taking that perfect shot without delay. Plus its 50 foot range eliminates concerns over positioning while taking your shot.


The AB Shutter 3 is an ideal device for taking photographs or recording video in any situation, no matter how challenging. With its compact design making it convenient to carry and long range, getting that shot you need from far away has never been simpler! Plus it comes equipped with all the bells and whistles necessary for taking perfect shots – take control over taking that perfect photo now using this easy-to-use shutter!


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