Universal 10 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Case, Universal Tablet Rotating Case Cover for 10 10.1 Inch Tablet, Dluggs 360 Degree Rotating Case for 9.5-10.5 Inch Tablet, Shiny Butterfly Review

Tablets provide an effective way of staying productive no matter where life takes you, so having the appropriate tablet case is crucial for staying connected and productive on the move or for work purposes. Protective but stylish: this Universal Tablet Case Cover for 10.0-10.5 Inch Android Tablets offers just that protection without compromising its benefits.

Features on Universal Tablet Case Cover

It was specifically created for any 10-inch to 10.5-inch tablet, including Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, 10.4, 10.5 inch tablet cases; Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cases; LG G Pad 5 10.1 in tablet cases and Onn 10.1 cases. With its form-fitting design, your tablet remains safe from damage while in its case.


The Universal Tablet Case Cover was made to not only be protective, but stylish as well. Available in multiple vibrant and playful hues, you can select your tablet’s perfect look! Plus, its flexible design means it fits with multiple devices without needing to purchase new cases each time you upgrade or swap out devices!


The Universal Tablet Case Cover was made to withstand everyday use. Crafted from high-grade faux leather that’s tough and scratch-proof, you can rest easy knowing your tablet will remain protected from wear and tear during daily life.

Easy Usage

The Universal Tablet Case Cover was designed with ease of use in mind. Simply slip your tablet onto it for simple protection and start reading or watching videos without hassle or fuss! For added ease and security, an elastic band secures and holds your tent firmly and conveniently.

Pros for Tablet Holders with 10-Inch to 10.5-Inch Displays

  • 360 Degree Rotatable Structure
  • Elastic Pencil Holder
  • Faux Leather Construction to Protect From Scratches
  • Stand Function for Easy Reading and Watching of Videos
  • Available in various Color Options (for each model)


The absence of back camera support prevents an auto sleep/wake feature from being implemented, which may prevent automatic wake/sleep functions.


The Universal Tablet Case Cover is an ideal choice for 10-inch-10.5-inch tablets. Providing protection from scratches, dirt and grime while its flexible rotation structure enables easy device enjoyment in both landscape and portrait modes, it also includes a stand function ideal for watching videos or reading books – plus there’s even no back camera opening or auto sleep/wake functionality! Nevertheless, this case makes an attractive and protective choice!


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