Total by Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03s (Locked): Product Review

Total by Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03s (Locked): Product Review

Are you searching for an economical yet feature-packed smartphone? Look no further than Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03S – it’s high performance offers 13MP camera plus HD+ TFT LCD display, 32GB expandable up to 1TB storage, long lasting 5,000mAh battery life and 32GB expandable up to 1TB memory space!

The total package is an ideal investment for anyone in search of an economical yet reliable phone. Best yet, all its features can be enjoyed without signing any contract with Verizon – it’s a prepaid smartphone which starts at just $30/month in terms of talk/text/data plans!

Total by Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03S

The Total by Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03S is packed with features that make it a must-have smartphone, such as its 13 MP main camera.

13MP Main Camera

The 13MP main camera in Samsung Galaxy allows you to take clear and vivid photographs on-the-go, capturing life with incredible detail. Plus, there’s also a 5 MP front-facing camera for beautiful selfies! All this comes standard on a 6.5″ HD+ LCD Display!

6.5″ HD+ LCD Display

This 6.5″ HD+(1440×720) TFT LCD display brings movies, pictures, and other multimedia to life with vibrant colors and sharp details. Plus it offers always-on technology so you can access what you need instantly.

32GB Storage with Expandable Capacity up to 1TB

Store all of your videos, pictures, documents and music on the 32GB internal memory. With expandable storage up to 1TB available on this phone – plus cloud storage options – your data won’t ever run out! Likewise, the phone comes equipped with a powerful 5,000mAh battery to ensure optimal use of memory space.

Outstanding Performance

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03s is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Processor, making it lightning fast and extremely efficient. Featuring 2GB RAM to ensure smooth app switching, expandable memory of up to 1TB offers plenty of room to store photos, music, documents, and videos.

Price and Payment Options

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03s can be purchased for an affordable price, making it a good value considering all its features. You can obtain this phone with no-contract talk/text/data plans starting at just $30/month.


The Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03S is an attractive, feature-rich, and cost-effective smartphone worth investing in. Boasting a 13MP main camera, 6.5″ HD+ display, 32GB storage, and 5,000mAh battery capacity – you get all this at an unbeatably reasonable price from Verizon! So invest in this feature-packed handset today if you can. Hope the Verizon Samsung Galaxy A03s Review was useful in giving you a real picture of what this smartphone has to offer, share it with your friends if you like the review.


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