Tile Slim 1-Pack. Thin Bluetooth Tracker, Wallet Finder and Item Locator for Wallet, Luggage Tags and More; Up to 250 ft. Range. Water-Resistant. Phone Finder. iOS and Android Compatible. Review

Have you found yourself spending too much time and money looking for things you have lost and replacing them? Tile Slim may be just what’s needed to help. With its lightweight tracker that makes staying organized easier than ever and finding what you need in an instant.

Tile Slim Is Here to Keep You in Control

The sleek and water-resistant Tile Slim was made for everyday items like wallets, keys, laptop bags, and other daily essentials – like wallets, keys, laptop bags or wallets! Simply drop it wherever it fits best into your life using its free app to stay organized with all your essentials. Compatible with Android and Apple devices via voice assistance such as Alexa, Google Now or Siri; its slim size with 250ft Bluetooth range will help you quickly locate anything.

Find Your Things With the Tile App

With the Tile app, you can use its high-quality sound to help locate items you can’t locate. Use your phone, or ask Smart Home devices like Amazon Alexa, to trigger it. Find what’s lost easily using Bluetooth range or just ring from afar with convenient ringback features; or if they go missing outside Bluetooth range then the app shows their last known location on a map as well as double pressing its button to make your phone ring even when on silent.

Join the Tile Network

The Tile Network provides an anonymous and secure means of finding lost items. By listing it as “lost”, other users of the network will automatically send updates if it has been located. Adding your contact info directly onto a product makes it easier for people scanning its QR code to contact you with important details that may lead back to its safe return.


Tile Slim is compatible with both Apple and Android devices as well as Amazon Alexa, Hey Google and Siri voice assistants. Featuring IP67 water resistance rating and a replaceable battery which lasts for three years of continuous service; with up to 250-foot Bluetooth range it’s always ready to keep you in charge.


Tile Slim provides an effective solution for staying organized and quickly finding what you need when you need it. Its slim design and Tile app help keep you from misplacing items again, with its replaceable battery lasting up to three years and working seamlessly across Apple, Android, Alexa, Google and Siri devices, plus working within its network of other Tile users to get help when things go missing – helping make life less stressful than ever! Check it out here for more info!


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