Tile Pro (2022) 1-pack. Powerful Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags, and More; Up to 400 ft Range. Water-resistant. Phone Finder. iOS and Android Compatible , Black Review

Tracking devices have become incredibly popular thanks to their ability to locate lost or misplaced items quickly and effectively. From keys and wallets, to phones, and anything in-between – Tile’s tracking devices make finding what matters easier than ever! In 2020, they unveiled the Tile (2020) – Item Finder which takes full advantage of Smart Technology trends.

What is the Tile (2020) Item Finder?

The Tile (2020) – Item Finder is a Bluetooth-enabled device designed to quickly track and locate misplaced items. By leveraging its app, it enables you to double press its button on your Tile to make it ring, even when on silent. In addition, its last known location can also be displayed via GPS on a map in case you leave Bluetooth range behind.

What Sets the Tile (2020) Apart?

The Tile (2020) stands out from other item trackers by featuring replaceable batteries with up to a year of power and IP67 water resistance rated, up to 400ft Bluetooth range, water-resistance protection, as well as compatibility with Android, iOS and Smart Home devices.

What Can the Tile Network Provide?

The Tile Network offers various services to assist with finding lost items. First, if your Tile is lost outside Bluetooth range, enlist the assistance of the network – people using its app will anonymously detect your missing tile and alert you as soon as it has been found. Furthermore, you can add your contact info so that someone may reach out if they scan its QR code or locate it themselves.

Upgrade Your Tile (2020) With The Premium Plan

For extra protection for your Tile (2020), upgrade to the premium plan. It provides proactive Smart Alerts that notify you if anything has been left behind and if Tile cannot locate an item that was lost, reimbursement may be possible.


The Tile (2020) Item Finder is an ideal way to keep track of items that are important or frequently misplaced, with features including water resistance and up to 400ft Bluetooth range. Furthermore, its network services such as anonymous item tracking and QR code identification offer assistance in recovering belongings if lost – with its premium plan you can upgrade for proactive Smart Alerts and reimbursement if items go missing!


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