Montana’s Proposed TikTok Ban Faces Setback as Governor Seeks Revisions

Montana's Proposed TikTok Ban Faces Setback as Governor Seeks Revision

Montana is leading the charge to implement restrictions on TikTok as a response to rising concerns over its use. Montana Governor Steve Bullock proposed an unprecedented bill which, if passed, would make Montana the first and only American state to ban TikTok altogether. For more information about why Montana wants to outlaw TikTok read the complete news article till end.

Why Montana Is Seeking To Ban TikTok

TikTok has come under increased global scrutiny over the last several months. Critics have taken aim at its lax data privacy policies and accommodating approach towards copyright infringement; as well as its close ties with China’s government – these issues have contributed to widespread concern from governments and parents.

TikTok’s Potential Wide-Ranging Impact

As TikTok continues to cause alarm, governments face mounting pressure to act to protect citizens. Montana governor Steve Bullock recognized the dangers posed by TikTok and requested changes be made to a bill which could make Montana the first state to ban TikTok altogether.

Approaching TikTok Ban Smartly

The proposed legislation seeks to implement its ban in a manner that does not compromise citizens’ rights, specifically by permitting children aged 13 or over to access TikTok with parental permission; access won’t be possible for anyone younger than 13 due to app restrictions.

Privacy Concerns With TikTok in 2023

Critics have long suggested that user data shared with China may be used by Beijing to generate profiles or monitor for suspicious activity, prompting Australia and the US to investigate banning TikTok as a matter of national security.

TikTok and Copyright Concerns

The company’s alleged lax approach towards copyright material has drawn sharp criticism. Many users post videos featuring content from elsewhere without properly crediting or seeking the necessary permission from its original creators. While changes have been pledged by them, many anticipate this problem continuing for some time yet.


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