CUPEISI (CP20 GOLD) Android 11 Tablet with Keyboard 2023: Honest Review

CUPEISI (CP20 GOLD) Android 11 Tablet with Keyboard 2023: Honest Review

Technology is now an integral part of daily life and tablets with keyboards have become an increasing part of people’s daily routines. Their rise has made the job simpler for working professionals. CUPEISI Tablet is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of such products available; providing users with some of the finest options on offer for both business professionals and students who could use these for work purposes or entertainment purposes alike. If you are thinking to buy this device, read our in depth CUPEISI CP20 Gold Review before placing the order.

CUPEISI CP20 Gold Tableta PC Review

CUPEISI Tablet provides you with a 10.1-inch tablet equipped with Android 11 OS and its powerful 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, as well as 6GB RAM+128GB ROM+1TB Expansion memory to store even more files, photos and videos easily. Furthermore, the Premium Plus variant features 8MP+2MP front/rear dual cameras which offer detailed portrait recognition/scene drawing, plus FHD 1280×800 resolution IPS HD Touchscreen display for an enhanced visual experience and long battery life with quick charging capability – not to mention Long Battery Life/Quick Charging!

This tablet is equipped with a powerful 6000 mAh battery that has a 12-hour standby life, so there won’t be any worry of your device going dead during important work tasks. Plus, quick charging technology enables fast recharging so users can get right back to work faster without waiting around. Furthermore, its portable design and easy use make this product truly user friendly!

This tablet boasts an attractive and portable design, making it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Plus, its user-friendly interface enables easy access to different functions and apps; perfect if you’re after something great but simple! If this device looks appealing then give the CUPEISI Tablet a try today!


CUPEISI Tablet is an ideal device for professionals and students on the go, providing an optimal combination of features and portability to ensure easy carrying around. Featuring Android 11 OS with 6GB RAM+128GB ROM+ 1TB expandable storage, 8MP+2MP dual front/rear cameras and 6000 mAh battery power – making this tablet perfect for long-lasting power! If you’re in search of an all-inclusive tablet solution then the CUPEISI Tablet would make an excellent selection.


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