SwiftFinder Keys Finder, Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator for Keys, Bags, Wallets, Pet and More; Water Resistance with 1 Year Replaceable Battery, iOS and Android Compatible, Up to 300 ft Range Review

Are you finding it hard to keep track of your car keys, remote controls, TV remotes and other vital items? If that is the case for you, the Key Finder Pro ST02 could be exactly what’s needed – this product was developed specifically to assist users in quickly finding any lost items within a specified range.

What Is the Key Finder Pro ST02?

The Key Finder Pro ST02 is a Bluetooth locator you can attach to items such as keys, bags, wallets and pets, then use its free app on both iOS and Android to track when they become lost. When out of Bluetooth range or silent mode mode your phone becomes easier to find by simply double pressing its button – your alarm will sound.

What Are Some Advantages Of The Key Finder Pro ST02?

The Key Finder Pro ST02 is an invaluable tool when it comes to losing items that matter. Plus, it comes equipped with some added benefits, including Separation Alerts on your phone to alert you if something may have slipped past its reach and can even remind you if something important has gone missing!

View Recent Locations

With Key Finder Pro ST02’s Location Record feature, you can track its past movements using the app’s map view and help locate whatever item it’s attached to when outside Bluetooth range.

Contact Identifier

If someone finds your item with the Key Finder Pro ST02 attached, they can use their smartphone’s QR code scanner to view your contact info from within the app and reach out directly for you in order to return the item.

The Key Finder Pro ST02 is an invaluable tool for those who often lose items such as car keys, remote controls, wallets, pets and more. With its wide range of locating capabilities – within range and out – this device makes locating lost items an effortless process; and should someone find your item they will be able to return it safely back to you via contact identifier technology. All in all, the Key Finder Pro ST02 should definitely be considered as a way of recovering any misplaced objects or animals!


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