Sunany USB Flash Drive 256GB, Photo Stick Memory External Data Storage Thumb Drive Compatible with Phone, Pad, Android, PC and More Devices (Blue) Review

We understand the importance of easy, quick access to backup your pictures, videos and data quickly and conveniently. That’s why we are pleased to offer the iPhone Flash Drive 256GB USB Memory Stick: an effective USB storage option which enables quick backup as well as watching and sharing videos directly from mobile devices.

What Is an iPhone Flash Drive 256GB USB Memory Stick?

The iPhone Flash Drive 256GB USB Memory Stick is an external storage device that enables you to quickly back up photos and videos, providing ample storage capacity of 256GB. Furthermore, multiple port connections enable quick data transfers across devices. Furthermore, its direct video playback enables viewing videos directly off of it – without using up precious device memory space! Plus you can share them through social media without taking up valuable storage space on your own device!

What are the Features of an iPhone Flash Drive 256GB USB Memory Stick?

This iPhone Flash Drive boasts many useful features that make it a reliable storage option, including:

High Speed Reading and Writing Capabilities

The iPhone Flash Drive 256GB USB Memory Stick boasts lightning-fast reading and writing speeds to enable fast data backup, videos, photos, documents, etc. It even supports videos!

One-Click Backup

The iPhone Flash Drive 256GB USB Memory Stick makes backup easy with one click. Simply place photos and videos on it for fast backups! This makes data protection simple.

Support for Multiple Devices

This flash drive supports multiple devices for ease of data sharing between them, and has an advanced heat dissipation design for optimal performance and high reliability.

Secure Encryption

The iPhone Flash Drive also enables you to encrypt your data, providing added protection for important files that can only be accessed by you.

Slidable Design

Our flash drive has a special slidable design to make it easier to carry with you wherever life may take you and prevent accidental bumps and scratches.


The iPhone Flash Drive 256GB USB Memory Stick is an excellent storage option for anyone seeking an efficient way to back up their files. Offering fast reading/writing speeds with one-click backups and support for multiple devices with secure encryption – not to mention its convenient slidable design that makes it easy to take with you – all these features make this product one of the best USB options on the market today.


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