SHAPPON Link 3.0 -Wireless Carplay Adapter & Android Auto Wireless Adapter 2in1 Review

SHAPPON link 3.0 Wireless Carplay Adapter & Android Auto Wireless Adapter 2in1 2023

Wireless Carplay adapters have quickly become an increasingly popular solution to quickly connecting smartphones to car entertainment systems. The SHAPPON Link 3.0 wireless adapter offers both Carplay and Android Autoplay features for fast connectivity of Android phones to the multimedia system of cars with just a tap or swipe. In this Article you can read the complete in-depth SHAPPON Link 3.0 Review, so keep these points in mind before buying one for yourself.

SHAPPON Link 3.0 – Wireless Carplay Adapter Review

SHAPPON Link 3.0 is the ideal solution for anyone who desires seamless connectivity between their smartphone and car. Thanks to its dual system setup, it allows easy switching between CarPlay and Android Auto mode so you can take full advantage of both systems’ features and apps. Plus, with Bluetooth 4.2 connection and Wi-Fi 5GHz transmission range, ensuring a quick, reliable connection. And easy installation via Plug-and-Play process ensures a quick experience!

Connectivity of SHAPPON Link 3.0

The SHAPPON Link 3.0 Wireless Adapter makes setup quick and easy thanks to its plug-and-play design. Simply connect it between your car’s multimedia system and smartphone – the adapter will instantly recognize both and establish Wi-Fi connectivity, so that you can enjoy music, videos, GPS navigation services, etc., in no time.

Compatibility of SHAPPON Link 3.0

The SHAPPON Link 3.0 wireless adapter is compatible with a wide array of car models, such as Ford F series, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Hyundai vehicles. It supports iPhones with iOS 10 or later and Android smartphones running 11 or later OS versions; however, it may not work with BMWs, Mazdas, Xiaomis, or OPPO phones. You’re guaranteed worry-free shopping when purchasing from SHAPPONLink!

The SHAPPON Link 3.0 wireless adapter offers quality and performance assurance with its 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty service, plus 24-hour customer support should any difficulties arise with installation or use. With these measures in place, its quality and performance are ensured for years to come.


The SHAPPON Link 3.0 Wireless Adapter is the ideal solution for those seeking a fast and reliable link between their car’s multimedia system and smartphones. Compatible with both CarPlay and Android Auto systems, installation requires just plug-and-play technology – no expert expertise necessary! Plus, it is suitable for multiple car models. Plus, they offer a 30-day returns policy as well as 1-year warranties to cover this investment. If you like our Shappon Link 3.0 Wireless Adapter review, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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