How to Restore Disappeared Calendar on iPhone [2023]

How to Restore Disappeared Calendar on iPhone [2023]

Calendar app on our iPhones can disappear for various reasons. Be it new setup or system crash, recovering it can seem like a daunting task – if you are facing this confusing situation where your calendar app has magically vanished from the apps list, with this guide’s help your calendar should be back to its former glory in no time! So if you have been trying to figure out how to restore disappeared calendar on iPhone, look no further and read the complete article carefully.

Restore disappeared calendar on iPhone

Verifying iPhone Settings

Before beginning to restore a missing calendar on iPhone, first check your settings. Many users accidentally disable calendar syncing which leads to their calendar disappearing; check “Settings” app and make sure “Calendar” option is activated (typically under “Accounts and Passwords” section). Some times this problem can also cause disappeared apps on iPhone, you can apply the same solution to that aswell.

Signing Out and Back Into Your iCloud Account

One of the main causes for calendar disappearance on an iPhone can be signing out of an iCloud account. Therefore, after checking all settings related to iCloud accounts and signing back in again, try signing out of and signing back into your iCloud account. Go to your Settings app, scroll down until you find “Sign Out,” and then sign back in again.

Resetting Network Settings

If signing out and back into your iCloud account did not resolve the problem, resetting your network settings might. These settings govern various aspects of how your iPhone functions; by changing them, you could potentially resolve numerous issues. To reset them, navigate to the “Settings” app and tap “Reset.” Note: this action will reset all network information at once, so make sure you have this information handy before proceeding with this option.

Restoring a Backup

If you have been using iCloud Backup, then restoring one may help to restore the calendar. To do this, open up your “Settings” app and then select the “Backup” option; this will show all available backups that could contain your calendar. Select the appropriate backup and restore it to your device. However, be mindful that doing this may reset all of your device data back to when the backup was made.

Re-Syncing iCloud

If the problem continues, try re-syncing iCloud. Open the “Settings” app and then choose “iCloud,” which will display a list of all iCloud accounts that were previously used to sync calendar items. Select each account individually and toggle the “Sync” option on and off. This should force the device to resync iCloud, which should bring back the calendar features.

Resetting Your iPhone

If none of the other solutions above prove effective, your final option might be resetting your iPhone. Doing this will erase all content and settings on the device to restore it back to factory settings. Before proceeding, be sure to back up all of your data using iTunes or iCloud. Then, tap the “Reset” option within the Settings app to reset your device. Once done, restore from the backup as soon as the reset is completed for maximum effectiveness.


Now you know how to restore a disappeared calendar on iPhone. A lost calendar can be an immense headache; with this guide in hand, it should be easy for you to restore it and start organizing your day again. Be sure to utilize some of these helpful strategies if your calendar ever disappears from your device. And if you like our guides, don’t forget to share it with your buddies on social media and give us a shout out.


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