Resetting iPhone or iPad without iTunes – Top 3 Working Methods

Resetting iPhone or iPad without iTunes - Top 3 Working Methods

No iTunes? No Worries – Learn To Reset iPhone Or iPad Without iTunes.

It may be challenging to reset an iPhone or iPad without iTunes, but don’t despair: we have you covered! Resetting an iOS device without itunes shouldn’t be difficult at all if you read this article completely. Many users become locked out of their phone data due to a forgotten passcode or device ID reset, or just because their device has become obsolete and requires reset.

iTunes may be the go-to solution when it comes to restoring and resetting Apple devices, but many users can become disgruntled by its lack of support. Luckily, users don’t necessarily require iTunes in order to successfully reset their iPhone or iPad.

Method #1: Resetting from Device Settings

Sometimes the easiest and quickest method is resetting from device itself. If your device suddenly begins malfunctioning, first check to see if there is an update available that can resolve the problem. If no updates exist that provide relief, resetting may be required as the last resort. Here’s how to reset an iPhone or iPad without iTunes from its device settings:

  1. Navigate to your Home screen, access Settings > General.
  2. Then scroll down and tap Reset. (Reset options include Reset All Settings; Erase All Content and Settings; Reset Network Settings).
  3. Based on what your goal is, select the most relevant reset option.
  4. If you wish to delete all data on your device, select “Erase All Content and Settings“. Alternatively, to reset all of the settings or network settings without losing any information simply tap “Reset”.
  5. Lastly enter an appropriate passcode when prompted.

Method #2: Reset iPhone using iCloud

iCloud provides an easier method for users looking to reset their iPhone or iPad remotely with its simple reset process. Here’s how you can use iCloud to reset iPhone/iPad without iTunes:

  1. Sign into using your Apple ID and password, then select Find My iPhone.
  2. A map will appear with all registered devices displayed; choose one to reset from this map, and hit Reset Device button.
  3. To reset the device, tap Erase iPhone/iPad option.
  4. You’ll then be asked for your Apple ID password and to confirm whether or not you want to erase your device.

Method #3: Reset iPhone or iPad using Recovery Mode

For those wanting a more reliable reset option than iCloud, Recovery Mode in iPhone may be worth exploring. This involves plugging the device into a computer running iTunes before proceeding with this method of erasure. Here’s how Recovery Mode can help you reset iPhone and iPad without iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using its Lightning cable.
  2. Switch Recovery Mode on, which should help erase everything on it and reset all data & settings on iPhone/iPad to factory defaults Force restart your device (depending on its model, press and hold either Volume Up/Volume Down, Sleep/Wake button or Side button to do this).
  3. Once in recovery mode, two options will appear – Restore and Update. Choose Restore option.
  4. Warning message will inform you that the restore process will delete all data on the device.
  5. Select Restore and wait for process to finish. Conclusion Resetting iPhone or iPad without iTunes is possible.

In this article, we presented three methods that can assist users in resetting their devices without iTunes. Based on individual needs and requirements, any of the three should successfully reset your device without major complications, if you any of the method mentioned here helped you to reset your device successfully, don’t forget to support soundflaw by sharing the article with your friends..


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