5 Ways to Recover Messages from Water Damaged iPhone

5 Ways to Recover Messages from Water Damaged iPhone [2023]

One of the worst nightmares for iPhone users is when their phone becomes damaged from water. Whether it’s dropped in the sink, pool, lake, or exposed to rain, acting fast is crucial if you want to recover your data and preserve your messages after water damage. In this article, we will explore methods to recover messages water-damaged iPhone.

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage is a common occurrence that can happen due to liquid drops, exposure to moist environments, or submersion in water for extended periods. This damage can cause short circuiting and corrosion, resulting in permanent hardware damage that renders devices unusable.

Methods to Recover Messages from Water Damaged iPhone

1. Back Up your iPhone Promptly

Once your iPhone is exposed to water, the first urgent step is to back up its data immediately. This ensures that any personal files or information stored on it before the damage can be preserved. You can use iCloud or iTunes backups to back up the data, which can later be restored on the same or a different device.

2. Restoring Data With iCloud

If your iPhone is running iOS 8.0 or higher, iCloud automatically backs up your device. You can restore messages by logging into iCloud.com on a Mac or PC and selecting “Restore Messages.” iOS 10.2 users can also restore data by going to Settings > Your Name > iCloud Backup > Restore from Backup.

3. Use iTunes to Backup Data

If you previously backed up your iPhone through iTunes, you can use iTunes to restore its messages. Simply connect your iPhone to a Mac or PC running iTunes and choose the “Restore Backup” option.

4. Professional iPhone Data Recovery Software

If iCloud and iTunes fail to recover your lost files, there are professional iPhone data recovery tools available. These programs can scan your iPhone for lost files, even on devices damaged by water.

5. Seek Professional Assistance

If all else fails, professional assistance may be your last resort. There are companies that specialize in water damage repair and data recovery, which can help recover any data you thought was permanently lost.

No matter how careful you are, iPhones can still be damaged by water. Acting quickly is crucial to retrieve your data and preserve as much of it as possible. Employing various strategies, from backing up to seeking professional assistance, can help recover messages from a water-damaged iPhone easily.


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