Rakuten Mobile achieves 98.4% 4G coverage in Japan

Rakuten Mobile achieves 98.4% 4G coverage in Japan

Rakuten Mobile, Japan’s premier telecommunications provider, recently achieved an important milestone in its network expansion efforts by installing over 57,000 base stations with an unprecedented population coverage rate of 98.4% for 4G population coverage. Rakuten Mobile’s success demonstrates its leadership position within its market.

Rakuten Mobile strives to maintain high network quality and performance for their customers and is actively exploring opportunities within the 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz frequency bands in order to secure Platinum Band status for its network – ultimately leading to enhanced connectivity and exceptional user experiences.

Rakuten Mobile, KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company jointly announced in April 2023 a new roaming agreement between themselves. KDDI will provide roaming services through its au network until March 2026 for Rakuten Mobile’s 4G population coverage of 98%; additionally they reviewed arrangements and introduced improvements.

KDDI will now offer roaming services to Rakuten Mobile in areas not covered by their previous agreement, such as popular shopping districts in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Furthermore, these roaming services will promote fast network connectivity while keeping financial burden to an absolute minimum.

As of 10 May 2023, Rakuten Mobile had reported 4.65 million subscriptions. Thanks to a rapidly expanding infrastructure and its new roaming agreement, this telecom giant is dedicated to improving user experiences while reaching 99.9% 4G population coverage.

Rakuten Mobile’s partnership with KDDI should facilitate easier use of 4G infrastructure and aid the rollout of its 5G network, making it simpler for customers to access all services offered by both parties.

Rakuten Mobile has made impressive strides in expanding its network, reaching a 4G population coverage rate of 98.4% and signing an exclusive roaming agreement with KDDI to enhance customer experiences while striving toward close to 99.9% 4G population coverage.


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