NH800UP RF402A-V14 RF402AV14 Remote Control Compatible with Philips Android 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Replacement Controller with Netflix Vudu YouTube with Batteries (No Voice Function) Review

Are you searching for an ergonomic and responsive remote controller to use with your Philips 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV? Look no further than the ever-reliable NH800UP RF402A-V14 RF402AV14 Remote Control; an excellent choice if your original or broken remote lacks Netflix Vudu YouTube buttons and doesn’t offer comfortable viewing experience; with no pairing or programming needed; simply install two batteries to get going right away. It offers exceptional sensitivity, convenience, and an enjoyable viewing experience unrivalled by any other product available today.

Durability and Performance

NH800UP’s RF402A-V14 Remote Control is constructed from high-grade ABS material for superior sensitivity and quick reflexes for channel switching more smoothly and efficiently. Plus, its soft buttons won’t scrape your skin, and can support TV models 32PFL5505F7 to 75PFL5704F7.

This product comes equipped with Netflix Vudu YouTube buttons for customising your viewing experience and quickly and conveniently switching channels. Plus, its lightweight construction makes for more comfortable use.

Ease of Use

The NH800UP RF402A-V14 Remote Control is easy to use; simply install two new batteries and use as normal as soon as the device has been charged up. No pairing or programming needed which can sometimes be complicated or intimidating!

Conclusion of This Article.

Overall, the NH800UP RF402A-V14 RF402AV14 Remote Control for Philips 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs is an exceptional and reliable remote controller made of premium materials and designed to offer responsive sensitivity and quick reflexes for efficient viewing experience. Accessing Netflix Vudu YouTube buttons without pairing or programming is made effortless; plus it comes equipped with two new batteries to be ready for immediate use – grab this remote controller now to experience its convenience and comfort.


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