Moto G Pure | Unlocked (3/32GB): Honest Review

Moto G Pure | Unlocked (3/32GB): Honest Review

Moto G Pure, featuring its 6.5″ HD+ Display, is now available without contracts for postpaid or postpaid users. This unlocked smartphone is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket, Boost, and Verizon phone networks.

Moto G Pure is a 6.5″ Max Vision HD+ display smartphone equipped with an octa-core processor and two-day battery. Featuring dual cameras with Night Vision capabilities and super responsive processing power, as well as its water repellent design, Moto G Pure makes multitasking simple! From streaming movies or playing games to video chatting and more – Moto G Pure makes life simple. If you are thinking to buy this device, read our in depth Moto G Pure review in this article and decide for yourself.

Moto G Pure Review

Features of the Moto G Pure

The Moto G Pure stands out from other smartphones by boasting several distinct features. This phone features:

  • Octa-core MediaTek Helio G25 processor for outstanding performance
  • Ultra-wide view 6.5″ Max Vision HD+ display
  • Two-day battery life
  • Dual camera system with Night Vision capability
  • Water repellent design
  • Responsive processor HyperEngine for extra fun all weekend long
  • Night Vision for movies

Display and Design

The Moto G Pure boasts an incredible 6.5″ Max Vision HD+ display with ultra-wide viewing angles for an immersive cinematic experience, making it ideal for streaming movies or playing games. Its slim and lightweight design makes the phone easy to hold in one hand, while its water repellent design protects it against spills or splashes.


Moto G Pure features a 13MP dual camera system equipped with Night Vision for taking stunning portraits with a blur effect and vivid photos in low light conditions. Additionally, its 5-MP front-facing camera has an f/2.4 aperture and 1.12um pixels for bright photos even at nighttime.


Moto G Pure comes equipped with an ultra-reactive MediaTek Helio G25 processor and two-day battery, giving users plenty of performance throughout their weekend. HyperEngine technology helps maximize efficiency when switching tasks, and its two-day battery life extends your movie-watching sessions, gaming sessions, or video chat sessions.


The Moto G Pure supports both GSM and CDMA networks and is compatible with major U.S. carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, Boost, and Desbloqueado services. It is a postpaid, unlocked smartphone without a contract.


We hope you enjoyed reading our Moto G Pure Review. The Moto G Pure is an impressive smartphone boasting an ultra-wide 6.5″ Max Vision HD+ display, a dual camera system with Night Vision capability, two-day battery life, postpaid pricing, and compatibility with all major U.S. carriers. With its super responsive processor offering seamless performance for gaming, streaming movies, or video chatting, the Moto G Pure is a great choice.


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