Micro USB Cable,Universal 3Pack 6ft Long Android Charger Cable, High Speed Sync Charger Cord and Micro USB Data Cord Wire for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge,S6,Black Review

Find yourself searching for an efficient, convenient charging cable? Whether it be your phone, laptop or other gadget with USB interface needs charging up, the Micro USB 6 ft Cables offer reliable performance while remaining safe and durable for safe usage. Constructed using high-grade materials certified as USB-IF certified; here is an overview of their construction.

What Function Does the 6 Foot Micro USB Cable Serve?

The 6ft Micro USB Cable was created to create a long distance connection between your devices and power sources, enabling convenient charging without being tied directly to a wall outlet. Perfect for smartphones, tablets, laptops and more!

Premium Construction and Quality

This 6ft Micro USB Cable’s extraordinary construction guarantees maximum durability and reliable performance, from its high-grade copper core encased safely in an eco-friendly PVC jacket, making it flexible yet tangle-free. Furthermore, being USB-IF certified ensures greater wear resistance that won’t compromise your device.

High-Speed Charging and Data Transfer

The 6ft Micro USB Cable can quickly charge any device using its Smart 5V/2.4A +QC 2.0 technology to quickly charge your phone without overcharging or overloading its circuitry. Furthermore, its data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps make data transfers quick and effortless – not to mention its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices – making this an essential accessory.

Durability and Safety

This 6ft Micro USB Cable has been created with durability and safety in mind. Built to withstand daily use, its certification by USB-IF adds another layer of safety that ensures your device’s lifespan won’t be reduced by overcharging or other factors.

Versatile Usability

The 6ft Micro USB Cable can be used at home, the office, in your car, hotel rooms and while on the move – whether at home, the office, in a hotel room, on vacation or even while traveling. With its extra-long length and compatibility with various devices (phone, laptop tablet and more) this cord is flexible in its application and use.


The 6ft Micro USB Cable offers an efficient and dependable way to power up and charge any device quickly and conveniently. Boasting USB-IF certification, sturdy construction, lightning fast charging speeds and data transfer rates as well as extra-long length for any situation, this cable makes an excellent addition.


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