Micro USB Cable, 3Pack 10FT Android Charger Cable Long Nylon Braided Sync and Fast Charging Cord Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 Edge, Android Smartphones, Tablets and More Review

The Hoblaze Micro USB Cable is constructed using high-grade materials designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability, designed to withstand constant use without fraying or splitting easily, protecting from scratches or minor impacts – perfect for daily use and carrying around.

Durability and Reliability

Hoblaze Perfect 10ft Micro USB Cable for Android-Pack of 3 is the ideal charging and syncing solution for your Android device, supporting data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps with fast charge times as well. Compatible with many devices including Samsung Galaxy Tab, S7 Edge/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3/S2/Note 6/5 Note 4 Note 3, A9 Star Lite/C8/J8/J6/J5 A9 Star Lite C8 J8 J8 C8J8 C8J8 J8 C8 J8 J6 J5 Galaxy S7 Charger etc.

Flexible and Tangle-Free Design

Our cable is designed to be flexible, making it comfortable for everyday use. The reinforced tangle-resistant braided nylon insulation offers extra protection from strain or rubbing damage and keeps the cable from breaking or cracking from strain or friction. Furthermore, flexible yet tangle-free jackets add ease-of-use.

However, many may opt to stay with what they know: working. In such an instance, there may be benefits in changing habits gradually rather than abruptly.


The Hoblaze Perfect 10ft Micro USB Cable for Android-Pack of 3 is an outstanding choice for charging and syncing all of your Android devices. Crafted with superior materials to provide fast data transfer speeds, compatible with most devices and tangle-free design – perfect if you’re seeking long-lasting charging cable solution! So if you’re searching for reliable charging/syncing solution look no further.


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