Find My app comes to the rescue for man who lost Apple Watch at sea

man Finds lost i watch with find my app-min

The Apple Watch is an impressive health tracking device. One of its impressive features is its water resistance rating of 100 metres per ISO standard 22810:2010, demonstrated recently when Jefferson Rocha, a Brazilian Apple Watch user lost it during a schooner trip off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

How Jefferson Rocha Recovered His Apple Watch

Jefferson began searching for his device without success and turned to Find My App as an alternative way of tracking down his Apple Watch just like in Google WearOS Watch – only to be devastated to discover it had died under water! Unfortunately, Jefferson could only salvage some data before returning it back home with him.

How a Girl Found his Apple Watch

The next day, Jefferson received a notification from Find My App that his watch had been switched back on. Once enabled and entered his personal details into Lost Mode, he received an Instagram message from a 16-year-old girl telling him her father had found it.

Benoni Antonio Filho, 50 years old and an expert diver who manages a coral park and returns lost items back to their rightful owners, had no idea whether the watch still worked despite being his daughter’s choice; out of curiosity he put it on its charger before waiting… To his utter amazement it started up immediately with its Find My App message!

Reaction of Jefferson Rocha

“I asked my daughter to handle the return process so she could learn about being honest,” Jefferson remarked. He was impressed by its waterproof properties. He noted its impressive water resistance capabilities.


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