LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 for Android with Pedometer – Review

LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 Review

The LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 is the newest and greatest accessory for those who wish to stay connected and track their health. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this watch features an ultra-clear 1.85″ full-color touch screen with beautiful user interface (UI) designs and multiple dial faces for user ease of use. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, its many helpful features include 24-hour heart rate monitoring, multi-exercise mode tracking, SMS notification reminders, music playback control, female physiological reminders, remote camera control, sedentary reminders, calculator, alarm, stopwatch, and timer. Read the complete LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 review in this article.

LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 For Android Review

Large Screen with Multiple Dial Faces

This LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 features an impressive 1.85″, 240×286 ultra-clear full-color touch screen and beautiful user interface, offering multiple dial faces to choose from, making it an excellent accessory for any special event. In addition, notifications and messages can also be read directly from it, making this watch an essential companion!

Read Messages & Notifications

Smartwatches make staying informed easier by reading text messages and app notifications directly onto their screens, so you’re aware of what’s going on even when you’re busy.

24-Hour Health Monitoring

Your upgraded LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 for Android now tracks real-time heart rate measurements and monitors your daily activity, such as steps taken and calories burned, even during workouts! It also tracks workout distances traveled and calories burned.

Compatible With Both Android & iOS

The LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 is designed to work seamlessly across Android and iOS devices, keeping you connected no matter which device is in your possession. Voice control functionality and other useful features help make it the ideal addition for everyday life.

Water Resistant & Long Battery Life

This LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 features IP67 water resistance, allowing for use while swimming or sweating. It also has a long battery life to avoid frequent charging requirements.


The LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 is an invaluable accessory for keeping up with and tracking your health. Equipped with a large color touch screen, a variety of dial faces, 24-hour health monitoring capability, and long battery life, it makes the perfect companion for keeping in touch and tracking fitness goals easily and conveniently. If you are searching for an effortless way to track health goals, then investing in one might just be what’s needed. If you liked our LESHIDO Smart Watch CS08 Review, share it with your friends.


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