KALINCO Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Tracking, 1.4 Inch Touch Screen Smartwatch Fitness Watch for Women Men Compatible with Android iOS Review

The HeroBand III fitness tracker from is an effective way to stay connected and healthy. From monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels to providing notifications and tracking deep and light sleep states; the HeroBand III has it all! We conducted extensive testing and here’s our review.


The HeroBand III fitness tracker comes packed with all of the features expected of top-of-the-line devices. It can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels during deep and light sleep states as well as notifications about emails, texts, calls or any other messages that come through to keep you informed and up to date with life!

HeroBand III provides some very helpful features, including a timer, wake-up gesture, find phone feature, sedentary reminder, music control feature and weather display.


The HeroBand III was carefully created to be comfortable and lightweight so you don’t feel burdened by wearing it throughout the day. Its adjustable band fits most wrist sizes comfortably while its high-quality touchscreen and visual experience provide high quality touch/visual interaction and visual experience with five levels of brightness to allow easy reading in sunlight or darkness.


The HeroBand III delivers excellent performance. Packed with sensors that offer accurate information on your health and fitness, activity tracking is accurate and reliable; notifications arrive swiftly; all this translates to great functionality!

Battery Life

The HeroBand III boasts an impressive battery life. One charge can last for seven days of usage and 30+ on standby, taking approximately two hours to fully charge up.


The HeroBand III is compatible with both iOS 9.0 and Android OS 4.4 or later devices – meaning it should work on virtually all smartphones!


The HeroBand III is very reasonably priced when considering all its features and functionality, costing only around $50 at retail locations. That is an outstanding value!

Overall, the HeroBand III is an outstanding fitness tracker. It offers an impressive feature selection, has a lengthy battery life and works with nearly every smartphone on the market – plus, its price is very affordable. If you are in search of a fitness tracker, be sure to consider this model carefully!


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