How Can Apple OS Users Find Their Photos Missing After an iOS Update?

recover missing photos on ios

If you use an Apple OS computer, chances are you have experienced this all too common issue like your photos vanish after an update – whether just one goes missing, or all your pictures suddenly vanish completely from your library. Locating and recovering photos that have gone missing due to an issue with iOS can be a frustrating challenge, but iPhone and iPad owners may try a few strategies before reaching out for assistance from Apple Support.

1. Check iCloud Files

Users often turn to their Photo app first when their iPhone or iPad images seem to have vanished after an update; however, this store only houses recently taken photos.

2. Update iCloud Files Regularly

To ensure that your images don’t get lost during an inadvertent sync issue, update iCloud files regularly.

2. Access All Albums

Instead of manually searching for lost photos, try opening all albums to identify where they may have gone. Some photos may exist in albums like Recently Deleted, Hidden, or other places; if they can’t be found anywhere, system restore may be the answer.

3. Check for Recently Added Devices

If you recently added another Apple device, your missing photos may have appeared in their Camera Roll album. To confirm, look in your iCloud user account settings for these photos.

4. Check Recently Taken Photos

Mistakenly labeling pictures as recently taken can lead to them appearing where they weren’t intended or making an Apple device think they are inaccessible, creating false leads about where the photo has come from.

5. Search Online

If the photos that have gone missing don’t exist within any secure Apple ecosystem album, you may wish to try searching online with keywords relevant to them. Searching the missing photos could provide valuable insights as to the source of the problem on sites like Google Photos, Facebook, and Dropbox.

6. Contact Apple Support

When all other options have failed, Apple Support could offer additional assistance. Apple Support can investigate photo loss cases and, when necessary, provide technical assistance and restoration. Just ensure you have backup files prepared so the technician can easily assess your situation.


The iOS 16 update for Apple devices provides major benefits in system performance and storage needs, but be mindful that your photos could become lost after upgrading. Try accessing your iCloud files, checking all relevant albums, searching online for photos you may have lost after an iOS update, contacting Apple Support as needed. These strategies should allow you to locate all lost photos after an iOS upgrade.


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