How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone (iPhone 14 Supported)

How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone (Including iPhone 14)

Transferring data between iPhones can be a complex and time-consuming task, but with the proper guide and software you can effortlessly transfer all your apps, photos, contacts and more from one device to the other in no time. If you are looking to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone, here you will find the different approaches for moving apps from an older iPhone onto new iPhone, these methods also support latest iPhone 14.

Different Ways to Transfer Apps between iPhones

There are various methods for moving apps between iPhones. Each option may differ slightly; therefore, it’s essential to conduct some research to discover which works best for you. Here, we will outline three of the most commonly-used approaches that you can use to Transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone.

Method 1: Through App Transfer (iPhone to iPhone)

App Transfer is an application thats allows users to seamlessly transfer apps between them, you can download the app from official Appstore and install it. After installing App transfer, this special app scans both phones for compatible apps that you can select for transfer.

The app will ask you to verify that the phone numbers match on both devices before automatically moving all compatible selected applications from your old phone to your new iPhone 14. In addition, all settings, documents, and data can also be transferred over suing this app..

Method 2: Using iCloud

Transferring apps between iPhones using iCloud is another effective method, requiring both parties to sign into both accounts simultaneously and then sync both phones’ contacts, apps and other data automatically.

Once the iCloud is synced, you will have access to all your new data on your new phone. However, for this process to work properly both phones must be running the same operating system version.

Method 3: Using iTunes for iPhone

iTunes is another convenient method for transferring apps between iPhones. Simply launch iTunes on either your Mac or PC computer, plug both devices into their respective ports, and transfer away.

Once connected to both devices, iTunes will sync any shared information between them such as contacts, photos, applications and settings – making sure everything stays up to date across both iPhones. Once complete, simply unplug both devices and continue using them without issue!


Moving apps between iPhones can be a complex process. But you can make it simpler by following these methods we have provided to transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone. App Transfer, iCloud and iTunes are three popular means for moving them between phones; each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks; but we recommend app Transfer as the safest method.

No matter the reason for switching phones or consolidating data, any one of these methods should allow you to move apps between iPhones with relative ease. Good luck!


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