How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a powerful smartphone that is well known for its superior performance. While it’s robust technology ensures that it can handle most tasks without issues, there are still occasionally instances where the Galaxy S9 may need to be Soft Reset. Soft resetting, also known as Reboot, is a process which allows you to restart your device, to clear any temporary glitches or settings that may have caused the problem.

Why Soft Reset

Soft Resetting your Galaxy S9 can benefit you in numerous ways. It can solve minor technical issues such as unknown glitches, slow performance or unusual freezing of your device. Soft Resetting your Galaxy S9 helps restore the original settings and clear up unwanted files that could be taking up space in the device’s memory. Furthermore, Soft Resetting can optimize your device’s battery life, desperately needed if you find yourself running out of charge too quickly. Soft Resetting your Galaxy S9 can also fix problems related with applications functions and make your device operate faster. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to resetting your Galaxy S9 as this process will not impact the data stored in your memory.

How to soft reset Samsung Galaxy S9

The first step towards soft resetting your Samsung Galaxy S9 is to press and quickly release the Volume Down button followed by the Power button simultaneously. Immediately, a menu will appear featuring “Restart” at the top. Press the Power button when the “Restart” option is highlighted and the process will start. Once your Galaxy S9 is restarted you will have completed the Soft Resetting process.

Important Note

It is important to mention here that soft resetting your Galaxy S9 is only a temporary fix for solving problems related to performance and glitches. If the problem still persists, then it is advised to perform Hard Reset or take your device to the nearest service center for diagnosis.


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