How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S11e

While there’s a lot to love about Samsung’s Galaxy S11e, the very nature of the device means that you’ll occasionally need to do a soft reset of the device. Soft resetting means turning the device off and on again, or refreshing your settings. It’s a great way to clear up any issues that you may have with your phone like apps that aren’t running or lockscreen settings that you can’t remember.

Why Soft Reset The Samsung Galaxy S11e

It’s helpful to think of a soft reset as a way to refresh your device. Here are a few benefits of soft resetting your Galaxy S11e:

  • Clearing up temporary software glitches and system errors
  • Troubleshooting unresponsive apps and programs
  • Reverting any accidental changes to system settings
  • Giving your phone a fresh start

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S11e

If you’ve decided to soft reset your Galaxy S11e for any of the above reasons, you can easily do so by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Turn Off The Device

You can first turn off your Samsung Galaxy S11e by pressing and holding the power button for about 8-10 seconds. A menu should appear on the screen.

Step 2: Choose The Power Off Menu

This will shut down all the processes and operations of the Samsung Galaxy S11e. Once it is successfully turned off, your device will be ready for a soft reset.

Step 3: Remove The Back Panel

To begin the soft reset, you’ll need to open up the back panel of the device. This will help you get access to the reset button that’s located near the battery. Make sure to power off your device before you make any changes.

Step 4: Locate And Press The Reset Button

Take a look around the back panel and you should easily spot the small reset button near the battery. Gently press the reset button with something pointed like a needle or toothpick and hold it for few seconds.

Step 5: Wait For The Reset Process To Finish

The reset process usually takes a few minutes, so be patient and wait till it is complete. Once it is done, the device will start up in the normal mode and you can use it the way you did before.


Soft resetting your Samsung Galaxy S11e is easy and can prove to be quite helpful in solving some common issues you may have with your device. This process should only be used if you’re having trouble with your device and should be done with caution since it could erase some important data. Follow the instructions above and you should be able to safely and easily reset it.


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