How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy M31s

Introduction In this guide, you will learn how to soft reset Samsung Galaxy M31s. Soft resetting a device is the same as resetting or rebooting your device. It is a safe way to reboot your device. Along with the knowledge of how to reset, this guide will also provide you with the advantages of soft resetting along with the instructions on how to perform a soft reset on your Samsung Galaxy M31s.

Advantages of Soft Resetting your Samsung Galaxy M31s

1. Refresh your device:

Soft resetting your device will refresh your device and eliminate any unnecessary files, performance issues, and other problems.

2. Restore device performance:

Soft resetting can also help restore the performance of your device, if it is experiencing any lags or slowdowns. You will be able to experience a smoother performance and a more enjoyable experience when using it.

3. Help with frozen apps or stuck processes:

If an app is stuck or frozen, soft resetting can help solve the problem and bring your device back to its normal working condition.

4. Fix WiFi and Bluetooth problems:

If your device is experiencing any WiFi or Bluetooth connection problems, then a soft reset can help fix the problem.

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy M31s

1. Press and hold down the Power button for 5-10 seconds.

This will open up a menu with three options. Select ‘Restart’ by pressing the Volume Down button.

2. The device will start rebooting.

Once the reboot is finished, your device will be back on with a fresh system.


Soft resetting your Samsung Galaxy M31s is a safe technique to reboot your device and restore its performance. It can help resolve any frozen apps or processes, as well as fix any WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity problems you may be experiencing. We hope you found this guide helpful and you were able to successfully reset your device.


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