How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime

These days, smartphones have become an essential part of our life. We rely on them for everyday tasks, like staying connected, playing games, doing research, and so much more. But like any technologically advanced device, they can also be prone to glitches, freezes, and breakdowns.The Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime is no exception and oftentimes, you will need to restart or reset your device to troubleshoot any issues. For many users, a soft reset (also known as a reboot) is all that is needed.

Why Perform a Soft Reset on the Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime?

If your Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime is running slower than expected, crashing, or not responding, a soft reset may get it back in working properly. Additionally, it can be a quick solution for Wi-Fi and Network issues, malfunctioning apps, and various other problems that require a restart of your device.

How to Perform a Soft Reset on the Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime

In comparison to a hard reset (which erases all user data), a soft reset is a simple and quick procedure that can be completed without any major headaches. Here’s how to soft reset your Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime:


1. Press and hold both the Power button and the Volume Down button together.

2. Keep pressing both the buttons together for about 10-15 seconds.

3. You will then see a reboot option on the screen.

4. Let go of the two buttons. Tap the “Reboot” option and the device will then start the reboot process.

After successfully performing the soft reset, your Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime will be reset to its factory settings without erasing any user data. You will then be able to use your device as usual, without any further issues.

In some cases, a soft reset will not be enough to fix the issues with your phone. Alternatively, you can try a hard reset, which will completely wipe your device and reinstall the factory settings. For more detailed instructions on how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime, you can pay a visit to Alternatively, if none of the above steps help, it may be time to book your device for a service and get it looked at by a professional.


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