How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

The Samsung Galaxy M01 Core is an entry level phone released in 2020. It features a 5.3 inch LCD display, 13MP single rear camera, dual SIM, 1GB RAM, Android Go, and 16GB storage. Though this device is made for budget-conscious users, there are still times when it might be necessary to perform a soft reset or factory reset. By carrying out a soft reset or factory reset, you can resolve any issues, slow speed or instability that you are having on the Galaxy M01 Core.

Why Should I Hard Reset My Galaxy M01 Core?

  • If your device is running slow and lagging
  • To save battery life
  • To free up storage space
  • If you are experiencing issues with apps
  • If you’re selling your device or giving it away

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

The most common way to reset your device is a soft reset. This process will not delete any of your personal data or settings, however, it is recommended to back up any important data before performing a soft reset. Here are the steps to soft reset Samsung Galaxy M01 Core:

Steps for Soft Resetting the Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

  • Start by pressing and holding the Power button to open the Power off menu.

  • Select ‘Power off’.

  • Wait for the device to turn off completely.

  • Once it turns off, press and hold the volume down and power keys simultaneously for 15 to 20 seconds.

  • The phone will vibrate a few times and then restart itself, this indicates a successful soft reset.

  • Your phone will now boot up with the reset settings.

Once your Galaxy M01 Core has rebooted, you can begin using your device with its new settings. You can customize your device to your preferences, and your device should be running smoothly.


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