How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy M01

Why You Should Soft Reset a Samsung Galaxy M01

Soft resetting a Samsung Galaxy M01 has plenty of benefits, including:

  • It can help alleviate any slowdown issues your device may be having by resetting frozen and unresponsive apps
  • It can help fix minor glitches and issues, that may have otherwise been caused by a third-party app
  • It can help restore your device to its factory settings, such as the pre-installed apps when it was first taken out of the box
  • It can restore any unresponsive touchscreen issues or laggy performance

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy M01

Soft resetting a Samsung Galaxy M01 is fairly simple, here is what you need to do:

  • Ensure your Samsung Galaxy M01 has at least 30% battery charged
  • Go to the Settings page on your phone and open the Backup & reset option
  • Scroll down and click on the Reset option
  • Select the Factory Data Reset option, and click on Reset
  • Review the different listings that will be erased, such as contacts, messages, and media
  • After reviewing, click Reset and enter your PIN or Password if asked
  • After it’s finished, your Samsung Galaxy M01 will be reset

Once your phone has been reset to its factory settings, you can then go ahead and restore all of your necessary data from back-up accounts such as Google, and start using your phone again as you would normally.

The great thing about soft resetting a Samsung Galaxy M01 is that it doesn’t affect any of your user data, so all of world information will be saved when resetting your device.


Soft resetting a Samsung Galaxy M01 is an effective way of fixing minor problems and returning your device to its original factory settings. All you need to do is be sure that you have at least 30% battery charge, go to the backup and reset option in settings, select factory data reset, review the options and then enter your PIN or Password if asked.

If you’ve been having any slow down issues, freezing apps or touchscreen unresponsiveness, this is a great way to fix your device quickly and easily, however if the issues still remain, it is probably best to take your phone to the manufacturer in order to get it fixed.


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