How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy F22

Soft resetting a device is one of the most effective ways to troubleshoot it when it is facing certain glitches and non-responsive behavior. Soft resetting helps eliminate most of the temporary technical issues and helps the device return to its optimal working condition. One such device is the Samsung Galaxy F22, a mid-range smartphone manufactured by tech giant Samsung. It is known that users have faced certain issues in it which could be resolved with a soft reset.

Why should you soft reset the Samsung Galaxy F22?

  • It helps resolve issues caused by certain app incompatibility problems or glitches with the software.
  • Helps improve the overall performance of the device due to the clean-up of unnecessary processes running in the background.
  • Low memory errors and application crashes can be fixed with soft resetting the device.
  • Soft resetting helps avoid the risk of system crashes, brick issues, and other device-related problems.

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy F22?

Soft resetting a device refers to the process of making all itssettings return to default and removing all applications. All this is done while retaining the personal data, therefore making it secure. To soft reset Samsung Galaxy F22 follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings option in your device.
  • Navigate to the Advanced Settings option and then tap on Reboot Menu.
  • Choose Soft Reset/Reset and follow all the steps asked.
  • This will delete all your settings and applications, except the device itself.
  • After the soft reset is complete, the device will restart and you can check if the problem is resolved.


Now you know why should you soft reset the Samsung Galaxy F22 and how to do it. With the soft reset, your device will most likely go back to its normal operational state and you shall be able to enjoy its features in the best manner possible. However, it’s always advisable to back up your data before resetting the device. So keep in mind all the points mentioned above while resetting your device to make sure that nothing goes awry.


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