How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy A30

The Samsung Galaxy A30 is one of the most popular mid-range smartphones in its price segment. It packs in a range of useful features and offers high value for money. Despite its relative affordability, it remains one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Despite its efficiency and ease of use, a soft reset may become necessary from time to time especially if certain problems arise with the device. In this guide, we explain how to perform a soft reset on the Samsung Galaxy A30.

Why Perform a Soft Reset?

There are a number of reasons why performing a soft reset can be beneficial for your Samsung Galaxy A30. Some of the key reasons include:

  • Resolving lagging or freezing issues
  • Resolving slow response times or app crashes
  • Resolving charging difficulties
  • Resolving problems with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy A30

A soft reset is a relatively simple process and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. To begin, you’ll need to navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab on your Samsung Galaxy A30. Once in the settings menu, select the ‘Backup and Reset’ option. Within this menu, select the ‘Factory Data Reset’ option. Finally, tap on the ‘Reset Device’ option which is located at the bottom of the screen. Once the soft reset has been completed successfully, you should see a confirmation screen.


Soft resetting your Samsung Galaxy A30 can be a effective way to improve your user experience while resolving common issues such as lagging, slow response times and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi problems. After following the steps outlined in this guide, you should no longer experience any of the issues mentioned and you can enjoy the full functionality of your device.


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