How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung Galaxy A20s is a mid-range Android smartphone released back in 2019. It oozes with specifications that will cover your basic mobile needs. You can use it for hours without any problem, but when you mess up your settings and updates, then you’ll be needing a soft reset. Each smartphone is different and understanding how to do it can be a hassle.

Why Soft Reset Galaxy A20s?

  • To erase unwanted bugs
  • To quickly clear up memory
  • Restore settings to factory defaults
  • Remove forgotten passwords
  • Refresh OS performance

How To Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s

Step 1: Access the Settings

First, access the device’s Settings. You can use the notification shade.

Step 2: Find Backup and Reset

Now look for the Backup and Reset option. This varies on the Android version of your Galaxy A20s, but it can usually be found at the bottom of the settings.

Step 3: Factory Data Reset

After tapping on the Backup & Reset tab, you’ll be presented with different options. Select the Factory Data Reset option.

Step 4: Reset Phone

Tap the Reset phone option. This will delete all the data, including your settings, games, and apps.

Step 5: Confirm Reset

On the next window, you’ll be asked to confirm the reset. Select the Delete All tab to proceed.

Step 6: Enter Pin

You’ll now be asked to enter your lock screen password. After inputting your pin, hit the Continue button.

Step 7: Wait for Reset

Wait for the reset process to finish. Once completed, all of your settings will be wiped out and you will have a fresh Galaxy A20S.


Resetting or Soft Resetting your Galaxy A20s can be a handy remedy. It helps you fix minor issues with your mobile and even provide a quick boost to your device’s performance. You can start anew without having to spend a huge sum. That’s why it hugely pays to know how to reset your device correctly and safely. We hope that this guide gave you some insight into how to do it and put your mind at ease.


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