How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone

Apple does not offer an official way for iPhone users to recover deleted Facebook messages; all you can see are recent conversations sent or received within 30 days. While you can manually save messages that need saving, there’s no way of recovering accidentally deleted ones before that time period has elapsed. Luckily, third-party applications may help recover deleted Facebook messages; in this article, we’ll outline all the steps necessary to recover deleted Facebook messages on iPhone.

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide an official way to recover deleted Facebook messages on iPhone, but there are third-party applications you can use instead to do just this task. In this article, we provide useful advice and strategies on how you can recover them successfully from your device.

Understanding Limitations

When recovering deleted Facebook messages, Apple only permits recovery of messages sent or received within the last 30 days. Therefore, if you accidentally deleted something older than 30 days ago, it is no longer recoverable. Manual saving might be advisable to ensure any important messages don’t disappear forever.

Key Third-Party Apps

There are various third-party applications you can use to recover accidentally deleted Facebook messages on an iPhone running iOS 11 or higher, including AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery, PhoneRescue, FonePaw, Tenorshare Dr.Fone, and iMyFone that allow users to do just this. All these apps allow for recovering not just deleted Facebook messages but also photos, videos, audio, and other kinds of data as well.

How to Use Third-Party Apps

Utilizing third-party data recovery apps should only take minutes, although time may differ depending on the size and nature of your data. When using an app such as FonePaw, for example, first download and install it onto your device before allowing it to scan its internal storage and present you with a list of recoverable data, including deleted Facebook messages.

Other Methods of Recovery

Apart from using third-party apps, there are other ways you can recover deleted Facebook messages. One method is contacting the Facebook Support team and asking them to restore your messages; you could also restore them from an iCloud backup if available. Some users have even reported having success using file recovery tools such as Recuva and Disk Drill in recovering lost ones.

Recovery is Not Always Possible

While there are various means by which Facebook messages may be recovered, recovery isn’t always an option. Most often, if an old message that was accidentally deleted more than 30 days ago was lost, and any that have been permanently removed by the server-side (for instance, as part of a privacy violation or policy breach) will also not be recoverable.

Benefits of Third-Party Apps

One of the best ways to recover deleted Facebook messages is using third-party data recovery apps, as these can provide ease of use, speed of recovery, and cost savings compared to using Facebook itself directly. Furthermore, many such apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to recover data regardless of what device type is yours.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Before turning to third-party data recovery applications, it is vitally important that you are aware of potential security and privacy risks. As many apps could potentially collect and store your personal data, reading through their privacy policy carefully before making your decision is key. Likewise, ensure only downloading apps from reliable sources with user reviews prior to installing them.


Recovering deleted Facebook messages from an iPhone is possible, though you should be mindful of any limitations that might exist. Apple does not officially support retrieving messages older than 30 days; thus, recovery methods must be sought separately.


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