How to Restart/Force Restart iPhone XS/XR

Force restart iPhone XS_XR in 2023

With the recent arrival of new iPhone models like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS and XR models, many users have upgraded to these devices. Unfortunately, some have experienced certain issues like phone hanging and not responding while using their new phones that can only be resolved through force restarting the iPhone – this article will show you how!

What Is Force Restarting?

Force restarting is the practice of forcibly shutting down your phone, and when powered back on again it begins behaving like new. Also known as hard resetting, force restarting is typically used when apps suddenly stop responding or when displays become unresponsive.

Force restarting is essential when your iPhone experiences any of the problems listed above as it allows all applications to close properly while clearing away memory bloat and potential errors on the iPhone XS. If you are looking to force restart iPhone XR follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Force Restart/Restart iPhone XS/XR/11/11 Pro

Rebooting/Force Restarting an iPhone XS/XR/11 is straightforward and quick, just press both Volume Up and Side/Power Buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until you see an Apple Logo appear onscreen, followed by restarting. After your phone reboots it should work normally again!

What Are the Benefits of Force Restarting?

Force restarting can help resolve various issues such as an unresponsive phone, applications crashing and memory being cleared off by rebooting it forcefully. Furthermore, force restarting can solve other issues like quickly draining batteries, applications freezing up unexpectedly or suddenly closing apps – therefore making force restarting an effective way of solving all such issues.

How Can You Tell If Your iPhone Needs a Force Restart?

If your iPhone XS/XR/11/11 Pro device is taking too long to respond, its display has frozen up or slowed down significantly, or applications are suddenly crashing then these could all be signs that a force restart is necessary. Furthermore, battery draining rapidly or unexpected closing of applications/games would also indicate that you need to force restart iPhone.


Force restarting an iPhone XS/XR/11/11 Pro device can help address various issues related to it. Rebooting is a straightforward way to provide optimal performance, refresh the device, and increase battery life; so it is vitally important that force reboot is carried out whenever required in order to ensure optimal operation of your device. If the method mentioned in the article helped you to resolve the error you were having, share this article on your social media and help u grow.


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