How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone

recover permanently deleted iphone images

People today often store memories in their devices–especially those who enjoy taking photographs–in the form of photographs taken with mobile phones. Typically, these memories take the form of photos.

Imagine losing irreplaceable photos by accident deletion or due to some unavoidable circumstance; that can certainly be enough to send shockwaves through any person.

Prior to becoming too distressed over this matter, one should know that technology provides a solution to recover those photos that were accidentally deleted. This guide serves as an ultimate resource to recovering deleted photos on an iPhone. Outlining all necessary steps for recovering those dreadfully misplaced pictures from being lost for good.

How an iPhone Handles Deleted Photos

Many people mistakenly believe that when photos are deleted from an iPhone they are gone forever; however, an iPhone will move any deleted photos into its “Recently Deleted” folder where they will stay for 30 days before being permanently lost from view. This 30-day window allows users to realize their mistake and recover deleted photos before they are permanently lost from their device.

Recovering deleted pictures should be relatively effortless during this period. Steps for Recovering Deleted Photos on iPhone Recovering deleted photos is straightforward on an iPhone, whether running iOS 10 or 11.

Below are three easy steps on how to recover deleted photos:

Step 1 – Connect Your Device iTunes will recognize it quickly as soon as it connects the iPhone or other mobile device to a Mac or Windows computer, making recovery possible.

Step 2 – Launch iTunes Once your device is connected, the next step should be launching iTunes. On Macs this can be found by searching Launchpad or Applications folder while Windows users should look in their Start Menu for iTunes.

Step 3 – Select Your DeviceWhen iTunes is launched, a window should open asking users to select their connected iPhone device.

Step 4 – Enter PasscodeWhen an iPhone has been recognized by iTunes, it will present itself with an entry form for its passcode entry window. Type in the passcode for the device before moving on to step 5.

Step 5 – Launch iPhone’s Summary Page After selecting iPhone from menus, its Summary page should appear; scroll down until Backups section comes up and tap to activate backups if available.

Step 6 – Restoring Device From the “Backups” section, choose “Restore Backup”, and begin the restoration process.

Step 7 – Waiting for Process to Finish Once pressing OK, the restoration should start automatically. Wait until the process is finished and ensure that the device remains connected to your computer until then.

Step 8 – Disconnect Once complete, users will be instructed to disconnect their device from their computer.


Recovering deleted photos from an iPhone doesn’t need to be a difficult process if users act quickly and are familiar with the procedures involved. By following these 8 steps, protecting precious memories stored on an iPhone becomes simple, seamless and effortless – leaving lost photos as just distant memories behind them.


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