How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone

Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone- The Step-by-Step Guide

Apple iPhones have become an indispensable device, for many reasons. One such benefit is their ability to store and access Voice Memos – something which can make a substantial difference when managing conversations and keeping everyone on the same page. Unfortunately, once deleted voice memos have been lost forever. Luckily, there are ways to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone that are uncovered in 2023.

How to Retrieve Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone

Voice memos have become a mainstay of modern communication for many of us, and thanks to Apple iPhone they’re even easier to store and access recorded conversations. Unfortunately, data may become lost unexpectedly and recovering deleted voice memo files can be challenging; luckily there are some methods available for recovering deleted voice memos on iPhone.

How iCloud Sync Can Recover Deleted Voice Memos

If your iPhone is synced with iCloud, recovering deleted voice memos is made simple. Simply open the iCloud app on your device and select “Voice Memos”; once this file type has been selected you can view any deleted memos; should one exist that needs restoration simply select it and it will be sent straight back onto your iPhone.

How to Retrieve Deleted Voice Memos From Your Computer

If your iPhone has been backed up to your computer, lost voice memos can be recovered easily from there. First make sure the backup contains the memo you wish to restore; if that is the case, launch iTunes, connect your device, and select “Restore from Backup”. When this process completes, the deleted memo will be back on your device!

Employing Third-Party Apps to Retrieve Deleted Voice Memos

If neither of the methods above works, third-party applications can help recover deleted voice memos just like recovering deleted contacts on iPhone. There are various apps that provide recovery of deleted voice memos including Voice Memo Backup & Restore and Voice Memo Rescue which are among the more popular ones.

How iTunes Match Can Recover Deleted Voice Memos

If you subscribe to iTunes Match, it can also help restore any deleted voice memos from your phone and even recover videos. Just open up the iTunes Match app and select “Restore”, and all previously lost voice memos will be restored on to your phone.

How to Delete Unwanted Voice Memos

It’s essential that when it comes to voice memos, it’s easy to keep track of which are important and which aren’t. If you need to delete unnecessary memos quickly and efficiently, just open up the Voice Memos app, select your memo from its list, and tap on “Delete.”

Transferring Voice Memos to Your Computer

If you want to transfer voice memos onto your computer quickly and efficiently, there are third-party applications such as “Voice Memo Transfer” or “Easy File Transfer” which make the task easy and fast. With these apps you can quickly transfer memos onto your computer for playback later.

Securing Voice Memos

To protect the voice memos that are of value to you, it’s crucial that they are backed up regularly. An easy way of doing this is connecting your device to a computer running iTunes and syncing with iTunes sync your memos; alternatively, use iCloud storage services like DropBox to back them up as well.

Disabling Auto-Delete in iOS

If you want to stop memos from being accidentally deleted, disabling auto-delete is a quick and easy way. Simply open the Settings app, navigate to Voice Memos, and change “Auto-Delete” option from “On” to “Off”. This will ensure your voice memos won’t be erased without your knowledge or consent.

Recovering lost voice memos on an iPhone may seem daunting at first, but there are ways of making the task simpler. By syncing, synced backups may provide valuable support when recovering lost audio memos.


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