How to Permanently Delete Apps on iOS 12 – Latest method [2023]

How to Permanently Delete Apps on iOS 12 - Latest method [2023]

If you’re new to iOS 12, removing apps can be an intimidating multi-step process. Thankfully, there are multiple methods available for you in order to delete them permanently from iOS 12 so they no longer appear in your list of app purchases; which can help free up storage space on your device. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly can delete apps permanently on iOS 12 without much struggle.

How to Quickly Uninstall Apps on iOS 12

Apple devices make it simple and fast to delete an app with iOS 12 by taking advantage of 3D Touch technology. Simply press and hold an application for two seconds until its icon starts shaking, with an “x” appearing at its corner – simply tap this symbol to delete. In your free time you should also checkout our guide on How to reset iPhone without itunes, its quite helpful.

How to Uninstall Apps From the Settings Menu

As well as using 3D Touch, iOS 12 also allows users to remove apps using its Settings menu. To do so, launch the Settings app, navigate to “General,” then “iPad Storage,” or “iPhone Storage,” respectively, before selecting your storage type – either “iPad” or “iPhone.” Once there you will see all installed applications; scroll through them until you find what you wish to delete then tap “Delete App.”

How to Hide Apps on Your Home Screen

iOS 12 makes it possible to temporarily hide apps from your home screen instead of uninstalling them entirely. Simply press and hold an application for three seconds until it begins shaking, drag it to the right until it disappears off the home page, and release when complete – when successful, an error message should display showing: This app will be added to App Library instead. It will still remain installed but hidden from view at first glance.

How to Manage App Downloads

iOS 12 includes another useful feature to help free up space on your device – managing app downloads. To use it, open the App Store app and navigate to “Account” at the bottom left corner. Tap “Purchased,” followed by “Manage,” before tapping on “Downloaded.” From here you can view only installed apps or delete or hide them as necessary.

How to Re-Download Apps From the App Store

If you need to redownload an app that you previously purchased from the App Store, this can easily be accomplished. Simply open up the store app and navigate to “Account,” “Purchased,” “Not On This iPad,” and then “Purchased Again”; after which, a list will appear with all apps you previously bought but are no longer on your device; once you find one you wish to re-download, tap “Download”. And if you wish to recover any file, you should read our article on how to recover deleted iPhone notes in 2023.


iOS 12 makes managing and deleting apps simpler than ever before, thanks to 3D Touch’s quick app deletion features. Furthermore, the Settings menu makes it simple to delete or hide apps whenever storage space becomes an issue, while the App Store lets users redownload previously purchased titles quickly and effortlessly – providing users with an efficient means to efficiently manage their apps and free up storage space quickly. With these features in place, managing and freeing up space quickly. If this article helped your question of how to Permanently delete apps on iOS 12, share it with your friends on social media.


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