How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s

Hard Resetting Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s is a great device with top-notch features and specifications that can easily beat the competition. However, some users may face certain issues while working with the device. A hard reset, or factory reset, is one of the most common solutions that can fix minor and more serious problems, as well as improve the phone’s performance. If you’re experiencing some issues that you can’t solve on your own or you simply want to erase all personal data stored on the device, read on to find out how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s.

Why Hard Reset?

The hard reset procedure can help you improve the performance of your device and solve various problems:

  • Device keeps freezing or crashing
  • The device works slowly
  • Applications not working correctly
  • System has become unstable
  • Malware issues
  • You want to sell the device and need to erase your personal data from it

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s

If you’ve decided to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s, carefully follow the instructions provided below:

  • Start by powering off your device.
  • Press and hold both the Volume Up Button and the Power Button at the same time for a couple of seconds to enter Recovery Mode.
  • Release both of the buttons when you see the Android logo appear on the screen.
  • Use the Volume Down button to bring the “wipe data/factory reset” direction and select it with the Power Button.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm your choice and you can do so by selecting Yes – delete all user data with the Volume buttons and confirm with the Power Button.
  • Wait for the process to finish, and then select Reboot System Now by pressing the Power button.
  • Your device will start to reboot and you’ll need to complete the Setup Wizard in order to use it.


The hard reset procedure of Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s is relatively easy and straightforward. If you’ve followed the instructions above, your device should now be reseted to factory settings, with all personal data removed and any minor or more serious problems solved. Also, you can now enjoy an improved device performance!


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