How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus

Resetting your Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus is a daunting task, but is sometimes necessary to keep your device running properly. Whether you are simply experiencing glitches with the device or want to Sell your Galaxy S11 Plus, knowing how to Hard Reset it is a valuable skill. Hard Reset prompts you Galaxy S11 Plus to a fresh start which wipes all of your data and preferences leaving you with a clean slate.

Why Hard Reset Your Galaxy S11 Plus:

  • Your device runs much faster after a Hard Reset
  • Your device stops freezing or lagging
  • Fix or remove Forgotten Passwords or PINs
  • Erase all data before selling your phone
  • Remove Virus or Malware infections

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus:

  1. Locate and Press the ‘Power’ button. Hold down the Power & Volume Up buttons for the same time until the logo appears.
  2. Release the keys. Once the ‘Samsung’ logo appears, release Power and Volume Up buttons.
  3. Select the ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option. In the recovery menu, select the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option using the Volume buttons and confirm it with the Power button.
  4. Confirm Reset. Confirm reset by selecting the ‘Yes’ option here.
  5. Wait. Wait patiently until the process completes.
  6. Reboot. After completing the reset process, select the ‘reboot system now’ option and your device will restart.

Hard Resetting your Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus is relatively quick and simple process that can be done in just a few steps. It can save your device from several serious problems such as freezing or lagging, virus or malware infection, forgotten password etc. If you follow our instructions above carefully, you will be able to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus easily.


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