How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

In today’s world of smartphones and constant technological advances, the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is a great choice for those who wish to stay up to date with the latest technology. This handset not only offers cutting edge tech specs, such as fast 5G connection and 64MP triple camera setup, but also an impressive range of features. However, sales don’t always go as planned and sometimes you might consider hard resetting your Galaxy M52 5G.

Why Hard Reset Your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G?

• Get a fresh start, erasing any configuration issues that may have arisen

• Reclaim memory space and ensure only the essential apps remain

• Speed up your device again, restoring its former functionality

How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G?

1. Go to “Settings“, choose “General Management“ and click on “Reset“

2. Tap “Factory Data Reset“

3. Confirm the action by pressing “Reset“

4. After the phone has finished resetting itself, you will be brought to the phone’s startup screen

5. Finally, set up your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G as if it were new

Congratulations, you have now successfully reset your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. Resetting is a great way of getting rid of all the mess you might have unintentionally caused in the day to day usage of your device, giving it a fresh start. However, it is important to remember that when you perform a hard reset, you will lose all data stored on the internal phone memory. This is why it is advisable to back up any data you wish to keep before performing a hard reset. Furthermore, without resetting your phone, you can always look into performing a software update, as this also has the potential to fix any issues you might be having.


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