How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy M30s (6GB RAM + 128GB)

When using a technology like a smartphone, it can get frustrating at times when your device starts running slow or behaves unpredictably. Having to hard reset your device is often considered the last resort due to the efficiency hit you may take when it’s done. But if you’re a Samsung Galaxy M30s (6GB RAM + 128GB) user, then it might be the best possible solution for optimizing the performance of your phone. With a few steps, you can factory reset or hard reset your Samsung M30s quickly and very easily, provided you know the steps.

Why Perform a Hard Reset on your Samsung Galaxy M30s (6GB RAM + 128GB)?

There can be several reasons to reset your Samsung M30s, but some of the most common ones are listed below:

  • When your Samsung Galaxy M30s (6GB RAM + 128GB) starts to lag or freeze often and doesn’t operate as intended
  • If you have forgotten the security code and want to start afresh by getting rid of all the data
  • To get rid of all the passwords, personal data from your device
  • To recover your device when it is stuck on the Samsung logo during boot
  • To make the device feel like new again

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy M30s (6GB RAM + 128GB)?

Hard resetting Samsung Galaxy M30s (6GB RAM + 128GB) is different from soft resetting or restarting your phone. In a hard reset, all the saved data on your device is deleted while soft resetting your phone will not delete any data. You can easily hard reset the Samsung M30s by following the given instructions step-by-step with the necessary precautions.


Before you perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy M30s, it is strongly recommended that you back up all the important data.

Instructions for Hard Resetting the Samsung M30s

  1. Firstly, turn off your device and tap the volume down and power button simultaneously for at least 2-3 seconds. Then you will be entering the recovery mode of your device.
  2. Now you will be asked to unlock your device. To do so, swipe on the bottom of the screen.
  3. After unlocking your Samsung M30s, locate the Wipe Data/Factory Reset button and tap on it.
  4. Confirm the process by tapping on the wipe data option and wait for the process to complete.
  5. You will be taken back to the main recovery screen once the reset process is completed. Now locate the Reboot button and tap it.
  6. Your Samsung Galaxy M30s should now reboot. Once your device is restarted, it should be completely clean and back to factory settings.


Having to hard reset your device can be nerve wracking, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. But you don’t have to worry anymore. You can now reset or hard reset your Samsung M30s device in a few easy steps and have it up and running like new in no time. Make sure you back up all your important data and follow the instructions properly as mentioned above.


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