How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro is one of the latest and most advanced devices of the Samsung Galaxy series. It has a sleek and ergonomic design, a powerful octa-core processor, and an impressive battery life. However, despite its amazing features, it may still run into issues like system glitches or malfunctioning apps. In these instances, it may become necessary to hard reset the device. By performing a hard reset, you can clear all the data stored on the device and restore it to its original factory settings.

Benefits of Resetting Your Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro

Now, before you dive into the hard reset process, you may be wondering why you would want to reset your Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro. There are a number of reasons why a user might choose to reset their device. Here are a few of the most common benefits:

Factory Reset

A factory reset is a great way to restore your device to how it was when you first took it out of the box. This can often be an effective way of addressing a range of minor issues.

System Glitches

A hard reset can be a great way to fix a range of system glitches, depending on what has caused them. As a rule of thumb, it can be a good idea to try a hard reset before you seek technical assistance.


If you suspect that your device has been infected by a virus or malicious software, then a hard reset can be an effective way of removing it.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro

Now that you understand why you should reset your Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, it’s time to get into the details of how to actually do it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro:

Step 1

To begin the hard reset process, you will need to switch your device off. This can be done by pressing and holding the power button until the device switches off.

Step 2

Once your device is switched off, you will need to press and hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time.

Step 3

You should then see the Android Recovery menu. To navigate this menu, you will need to use the volume buttons to highlight the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option. You will then need to press the power button to select this option.

Step 4

You should now be asked to confirm your selection. To do this, you will need to highlight ‘Yes – delete all user data’.

Step 5

You can now confirm your selection by pressing the power button once more. Your device will now begin the reset process.

Step 6

Once the reset process is complete, your device will restart. Once the restart is complete, your Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro will be restored to the factory default settings.


We hope that this article has provided you with the information you need to understand why you might need to reset your Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, and how to do it. If, after performing a reset, you are still having issues with your device, then it may be best to consult a technical professional.


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