How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A70 (8GB RAM+ 128GB)

For those who need a refresher, resetting the Samsung Galaxy A70 to factory settings is a fairly straightforward process that returns the device to its factory defaults, which can be a great option if you’re looking to repair device errors, or just start from scratch. The process may be a bit daunting for some, so in this guide we will cover the most simple steps to reset it safely from the comfort of your home.

Why Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A70

  • Erasing all data from the Galaxy A70 to factory settings
  • Enabling a faster device and improved overall performance
  • Having more storage space available for apps and files
  • Clearing out old data from the device

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A70 (8GB RAM+ 128GB)

Backing Up Your Data

Before you reset your Samsung Galaxy A70, it’s important that you back up all of your data with a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Also, if you have contacts or photos saved to your SIM card or any other memory device, be sure to save them to a computer or other backup storage before continuing.

Powering Off

The first step to hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy A70 is to power it down. You can power off the device by long-pressing the Power button until an option dialog opens. Tap the ‘Power off’ button to turn off your Galaxy A70.

Start Up Into Recovery Mode

Now we need to start up the device in to recovery mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Up, Bixby and Power buttons simultaneously until the device starts up and a recovery menu appears. You may need to double check the button combinations depending on the model of your A70.

Select Factory Reset

Once your device has started up in to recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to scroll through the menu, and find the ‘Factory reset ‘option. Select ‘Factory reset’ by pressing the Power button.

Confirm Reset

Your Galaxy A70 will then ask you for confirmation to reset your device to factory settings. Use the Volume buttons to move the selection to ‘Yes’, and then press the Power button to confirm the reset.

Finishing Up

Once the reset is complete, you can see the Resetting Done screen. Select ‘Restart’ and your Samsung Galaxy A70 will begin to restart. At this point, you’ve successfully completed the process to hard reset your device to factory settings.


A reset should be a considered step in any repair process. It can repair many device issues, as well as clear up space. We’ve given you a detailed guide to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A70 device safely and quickly. We hope it’s been helpful.


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