How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A51 (8GB RAM + 128GB)

Hard Resetting the Samsung Galaxy A51 (8GB RAM + 128GB)

The Samsung Galaxy A51 (8GB RAM + 128GB) is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Featuring a powerful octa-core processor and a stunning 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy A51 is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and stylish device.

However, like any device, it is possible for it to develop errors or slow down over time. If you’re encountering errors on your Galaxy A51 or if you’re looking to give it a much-needed boost, performing a hard reset could be the answer.

Why Should You Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy A51 (8GB RAM + 128GB)?

• Revert it back to the original factory settings
• Delete any apps or settings that might be causing problems
• Help boost the performance of your device
• Help remove any viruses or malware which may have infected your device
• Help address any froze or unresponsive apps or features

How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy A51 (8GB RAM + 128GB)?

First of all, make sure that you have your SIM card removed from your phone and any SD cards you may have inserted. You’ll also want to ensure that your phone has been backed up, as all your data will be lost during the reset.

1. Go to Settings > General Management> Reset > Factory Data Reset.
2. Select “Reset My Phone.”
3. Scroll down and select “Delete All.”
4. Confirm the action by selecting “OK.”
5. Your phone will now reboot, and once it’s finished, you should be back at the Welcome screen.


A hard reset can be a great way to help your Samsung Galaxy A51 (8GB RAM + 128GB) run faster and smoother. This reset will remove all applications and data from your device, so make sure to back up everything first. Once you’ve backed up your data, it’s easy to perform the reset with the instructions above.


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