How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A30s (4GB RAM + 128GB)

Many new phones come with a lot of features that can be intimidating to owners. If you’re an owner of the Samsung Galaxy A30s (4GB RAM + 128GB), you might be wondering how to hard reset it if something goes wrong. A hard reset is the most complete reset that you can make on a device and it will delete all the data that is stored on your phone. Performing a hard reset can be useful if you’re trying to resolve some issues, such as lagging or freezing, if your device gets stuck, or if the software is showing malfunctions.

Why should you perform a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A30s?

  • To improve the performance of the phone.
  • To reset the settings and permissions to their factory defaults.
  • To delete unwanted files that are causing slowing and overheating issues.
  • To improve the battery life and extend the life cycle of the device.
  • To get rid of any malicious applications that are taking up storage space.
  • To wipe away any personal information stored on the device before selling or giving it away.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A30s (4GB RAM + 128GB)

Hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy A30s is a surefire way to give it a new lease on life. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Locate the reset button on the side of your device.

It should look like a small pinhole, so you may need to use a pin or small paperclip to press it.

2. With the pin, hold down the reset button and press the power button at the same time.

Hold both of these down for at least 10 seconds.

3. When you let go, your device should boot into recovery mode.

You might need to scroll down a bit to access the reset option.

4. Once you can see the reset option, select it.

The phone will then start wiping all the data. This process might take up to 10 minutes.

5. When it’s finished, the device will reboot and you’ll have to set it up as a new device.

And that’s it! With this easy guide, you know how to perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy A30s (4GB RAM + 128GB). A reset is a great way to bring life back to your device, but it’s also important to think about why you’re resetting your phone and if it’s the best solution to the problem. It’s a good idea to backup your data first, in case you need the information later. In any case, a hard reset is a useful tool for prolonging the life of your phone.


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