How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s

Released in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy A20s is a smartphone that has an impressive screen size and camera quality. For those who want to do a hard reset and restore their device to its original factory settings, here is an in-depth guide on How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s.

Why Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s?

  • Fix software glitches
  • Quickly erase and reset the storage
  • Get rid of viruses and malware
  • Update to the latest Operating System version
  • Improve the phone’s performance

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s

  1. Open the Settings application on the Galaxy A20s
  2. Search and select ‘General Management’, then tap on Reset
  3. Select ‘Factory Data Reset’, and then tap Reset
  4. Now tap on ‘Delete All’
  5. Once you are asked to confirm, tap on ‘Reset’ to start the reset process
  6. If prompted for your password or pattern, enter it
  7. Wait for the phone to reset itself
  8. When it is done, your Samsung A20s will be completely reset and you can set up your phone as if it were new

Backing Up Data Before Hard Resetting

That’s the process for How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s. Keep in mind that hard reset will delete all data on the device and restore it to its original factory settings. If you have any data that you need to back-up, make sure to do so before beginning the reset process. After creating a back-up, it is recommended to perform a hard reset. It ensures that your phone is working optimally, does not suffer from software glitches or errors, and gets rid of any viruses and malware. Once the reset is complete, it will also update to the latest Operating System version. There are no doubts, it will also improve the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A20s. Don’t forget to check out the tutorial first before starting the hard reset process.


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